What Color Is Your Parachute?

Richard Bolles’ What Color Is Your Parachute?, “the best selling job-hunting book in the world,” has been updated annually for over forty years. Bolles was trained in chemical engineering at MIT after earning a BS in physics from Harvard. He subsequently earned a masters in theology from General Theological (Episcopal) Seminary in New York City and has served as an Episcopal priest for 50 years.

In addition to his practical advice on job-hunting and career selection, Bolles offers valuable and practical advice on the spiritual conditions necessary for career success. He emphasizes the importance of finding a job that fits your individual gifts as opposed to just settling for the first job you can find. Combining passion and competence is the key to finding secure employment. Develop a sense of mission.

Apply for work at any organization that interests you whether or not they have a vacancy. Avoid going through the human resources department if possible because their job is to screen you out. Use both social and business contacts to your advantage. Ask for the job at the end of an interview and send a thank you note whether or not you’re offered the job.

Job hunting is often a long process of rejection and luck frequently plays a part. Fired twice, Bolles has personally experienced the depression that comes with unemployment. Don’t quit and trust God to open doors.

The last chapter (starting your own business) is followed by four appendices: (A) Finding Your Mission in Life, (B) Dealing with Your Feelings While Out of Work, (C) Choosing a Career Coach or Counselor, and (D) A List of Coaches.

There are three parts to your mission in life: (1) seek to stand in the presence of God, (2) do what you can to make the world a better place, and (3) exercise the talents God has given you to serve God and your neighbors.

Highly recommended for everyone from high schoolers to mid-lifers or retirees looking to supplement their income.




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